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Winovate is an approved Service Centre for all audio equipment designed and manufactured in Australia by Peter Stein, the creator and founder of ME Sound. While no longer in production, ME equipment is still highly regarded by its owners and keenly sought after on the second-hand market. With the passage of time, performance can deteriorate, and failures can occur, mainly due to component ageing. Occasionally more serious faults can occur requiring more extensive repairs to get the item operating again. Regardless of the age of the product, most faults can be corrected, and the item restored to “as new” performance at much less than the cost of a new alternative product of similar quality.

ME amplifiers and pre-amplifiers incorporate several unique design features that set them apart from other makes. You should only entrust the service and repair of your ME equipment to a service provider with detailed knowledge and understanding of its unique features together with a track record of working on ME products.

From a simple “health check” to routine service or a major repair Winovate has the necessary knowledge, technical skills and test equipment plus access to all factory service information and specialised ME spare parts. We can also carry out upgrades such as fitment of the remote-control option to preamps where it was provided for in the original design.

We are always happy to discuss any issues you may have with your ME equipment and provide advice regarding service and repair options.

ME 850.jpg
Equipment Examples



The ME 850 is a highly sophicticated derivative of the very successful and highly acclaimed ME 750. The technology developed for the state of the art ME 1500 is more fully utilised in the ME 850.


The major improvement being employment of several dedicated power supply regulators. These regulators isolate external and self induced voltage fluctuations from the bias and volatge amplifiction circuitry, thus the resoltion potential of the ME 850 is to ME 1500 standards.

The ME 850 ensure an enormous continuous current capability and a dynamic headroom figure of almost 0 dB. The result is that transients, regadless of duration are reproduced with absolute security and accuracy. 

Sixteen 250 watt, 140 volt, so amp high speed critically matched bipolar output devices channel th massive energy levels provided by the power supply to the loudspeakers.

The combination of sophisticated loudspeaker protection and extremely advanced cooling system and of course Modular construction has resulted in an exceptional high fidelity dual mono amplifier.

The ME 850 approaches the very highest level of technology and development in design that an amplifier of this size and power rating can embody.




Min Recommended Load

Voltage Gain
Max Voltage Output
Max Output Current
Input Impedance
Phase Non Inverting
Rise Time
Dynamic Headroom
Frequesncy Response
Hum & Noise 
Damping Factor 
Power Transformer

Energy Storage Matrix 


2 x 120 WATTS RMS 8 OHMS DC - 20 KHZ
2 x 200 WATTS RMS 4 OHMS DC - 20 KHZ
2 x 360 WATTS RMS 2 OHMS DC - 20 KHZ

0.5 OHMS
50 Volts
2000 OHMS (Balanced)
0 Degrees
1 Microsecond
Less than 0.1%
 Less than 0.3dB
DC-150KHZ +/- 2dB
100dB Below Rated Output
160 DC - 50KHZ
Quadfilar Double C Core Rated at 2 KVA at 5% Regulation
52 High Current Capacitors Giving 245,000 Microfarad
177mm (H) 487mm (D) 435mm (W)


A mono block version of the ME 850 (the ME 900)

Power                                  400 WATTS 8 OHMS
                                             700 WATTS 4 OHMS

For full details of the ME 900 please refer to the seperate specification sheet.




The ME 14 preamplifier is based on the highly acclaimed and very successful ME 25. Although the ME 14 has fewer inputs resulting in a simplified and more elegant front panel, the circuitry is exactly the same as the ME 25. This ensures that the ME 14 has a sonic performance that equals the ME 25 in every way making the ME 14 the choice for those who appreciate simplicity.

The ME 14 is a high level output only preamplifier and is less complex than the ME 24. With four inputs (CD, Tuner, Aux and Tape), a single variable output and a fixed tape output, the ME 14 is an ideal starting point for a high end system.

Althought the ME 14  is the lowest cost ME preamplifier, no compromise has been made with quality. The minimalist design means a reduction in the number of input sockets and switches which are custom made and of the highest quality.

As with all ME preamplifiers, the ME 14 utilises modules for its internal electronic construction. All semi-conductors used are precisely matched to within 1%. This matching combined with meticulous hand assembly is the only way ME builds its products.

ME Sound are especially pround of the ME 14 Preamplifier. Built for those of us who appreciate simple elegance, who have no need for multiple inputs and most of all, who value true high fidelity sound, this preamplifier represents an alternative to the more complex ME 24. If sonic excellence has a price, then simplicity, build  quality and thoughtful modular design of the ME 14 preamplifier can only be a bonus.


Frequesncy Response
THD (All Inputs) 
IMD (All Inputs)
Hum & Noise 
Output Impedence (Open Loop)
Minimum Recommended Load
Maximum Output Volatge
Input Overload

DC-500 KHZ +/- 0.1dB
Less than 0.005%
Less than 0.005%
 -95 dB
100 OHMS
 10 VRMS
56mm (H) 300mm (D) 435mm (W)


  • Remote power and gain control

  • Remote input selection

  • 19" rack mountable front panel

ME 30 PS remote power supply with increased capacitance and better isolation from transient noise

Easily upgraded to ME 15 status by simple addition of a phono module and a change of front panel

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