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Charles is an Electronics & Electrical Engineer with over 25 years experience in electronic design and product development. He is arguably the best switchmode power supply designer in Australia, having conquered the ‘black art’ side of switchmode design that has stumped many others. He has produced many sophisticated designs for specialised applications, and pioneered new design concepts and techniques. He has an impressive track record in general analogue & audio design as well. For a technically sound, cost effective, easily manufactured design, Charles is your man.  



Brian is an Electronics engineer with over 25 years experience in Australia, Sweden, and China. His specialty is digital hardware and software design of embedded microprocessor systems. He thinks outside the square, and has many innovative design solutions to his credit. He and Charles are a formidable combination when it comes to solving difficult electronic design challenges. Brian also has extensive manufacturing contacts in China – his country of origin – which enable Winovate to offer very competitive pricing on electronic manufacturing. 



Lindsay is an Electrical Engineer with extensive technical and management experience in the electrical power industry. He has over 10 years involvement in the electronics industry, but has changed hats since joining Winovate, and has dual roles, being responsible for finance and administration as well as cabling and loom manufacturing operations.  



Cary is a PCB design draftsman specialising in high density through hole and surface mount, single and multi-layer designs. He is meticulous in producing designs that are easy to manufacture with minimum errors and yet, when required, can still fit a lot of components into a very small space. His designs look good, and are good.    



Alan is an Electronics Technician with a very broad background in a variety of technical fields. He has an extensive knowledge of electronic circuits, troubleshooting and testing techniques, which make him invaluable in prototype development and testing. He also has excellent mechanical and metal working skills, and puts these to good use in developing solutions to the non-electronic problems that arise in product design and development



Geoff is an Electronics Technician with extensive experience in electronic manufacture. He looks after production management and parts sourcing, to ensure the smooth flow of electronic manufacturing work carried out by Winovate.



David is a recently graduated Electronics Engineer and has worked at Winovate for the past two years. He has developed skills in electronic circuit board design and testing, as well as printed circuit board layout design and is a valuable part of the design team.  His passion is audio, but he is able to turn his hand to whatever task is required of him and is a valuable member of the team.



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