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Winovate has been a service provider in the electrical wiring and cabling business for over 15 years, and has established a reputation for quality, on time, cost effective production.


Our services include prefabrication of wiring harnesses and heavy current lead sets up to 35mm2 for various applications, including 415/240V AC power switchboards and power quality systems. We also undertake off-site wiring of various types of control cabinets, including sourcing of all materials and components where required.  


All control wiring and cabling work is carried out in-house by, or under the supervision of qualified trades people. We also have in-house engineering capability and can assist with your product development and improve cost effectiveness.


Advantages to the client of outsourcing this type of work include:


  • Cost certainty;

  • Simpler ordering process;

  • Reduced stock holding of regular use items;

  • Worry free sourcing of routinely used items or sub-assemblies;

  • Helps with peak workload and meeting tight deadlines;

  • Allows skilled staff to focus on higher level activities.


Winovate can produce wiring harnesses and lead sets from full engineering drawings, sketches or approved samples.  We specialise in low to medium volume work.


Winovate is an approved Service Centre for all audio equipment designed and manufactured in Australia by Peter Stein, the creator and founder of ME Sound. While no longer in production, ME equipment is still highly regarded by its owners and keenly sought after on the second-hand market. With the passage of time, performance can deteriorate, and failures can occur, mainly due to component ageing. Occasionally more serious faults can occur requiring more extensive repairs to get the item operating again. Regardless of the age of the product, most faults can be corrected, and the item restored to “as new” performance at much less than the cost of a new alternative product of similar quality.

ME amplifiers and pre-amplifiers incorporate several unique design features that set them apart from other makes. You should only entrust the service and repair of your ME equipment to a service provider with detailed knowledge and understanding of its unique features together with a track record of working on ME products.

From a simple “health check” to routine service or a major repair Winovate has the necessary knowledge, technical skills and test equipment plus access to all factory service information and specialised ME spare parts. We can also carry out upgrades such as fitment of the remote-control option to preamps where it was provided for in the original design.

We are always happy to discuss any issues you may have with your ME equipment and provide advice regarding service and repair options.



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